I purchased my home with prime lending to which they sold my mortgage to phh approximately a year and a half before COVID-19 epidemic. The government allowed me to not have to pay my mortgage for 3 months. We kept in touch with phh throughout the process, and they gave us forms to fill out. That’s where all hell broke lose. Every form we turned in they claimed to have not recieved it and that they will begin the process of foreclosure. We did everything on our part, documenting and copying every form. We having tracking numbers for the mail sent to them, in addition that they sign a form from the USPS every time they recieved it. AND EVERY TIME they said they did not receive it until we gave them the tracking information to which they’d quickly reply, “Oh, we do have it but it hasn’t been submitted. Since you’ve missed your deadline for an FHA loan and modification, we’ll send you a promissory note that you must sign… etc.” We turn these notes in paying extra money for the deadline, and the same thing happens over and over. We send money orders in the mail, they claim they didn’t get it, putting my family in deeper and deeper waters. We give the tracking information once again to which they’ll say oh they do have it, but it hasn’t been submitted for payment and now we’re in bigger trouble. This fucking company is coming after my house. I make almost triple the amount my mortgage costs per month. Money isn’t an issue. I’m never late with my payments. They are commiting fraud and absconding my FHA relief funds due to the pandemic and now they are trying to take my house from me. I can’t find a law firm on Google and given that it’s the weekend and offices are closed, I’m awaiting another stressful and haunting week of them fucking with me. PLEASE SEND ME THE INFORMATION FOR YOUR BEST LAW FIRMS TO PROTECT MY FAMILY. I was awarded 100k in a non disclosure agreement, and 75k of that has gone into this house. That money is special to me and I wanted this house to be passed down to my children and give my family members a place to stay when in trouble.

TL;DR: PHH Mortgage is commiting fraud against me and I need references to powerful law firms that will protect and sue for me. PLEASE HELP!!!

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