How do you go about buying a house two states away if you can’t be there the day the home lists?

I’ll be moving 2 states away. What I did last time was rent for a year in the area while I found a home to purchase. But renting was a nightmare, the landlord tried to spy on me through servicemen, asking them how many pets they saw, what color the pets were, just to confirm I had the cats I said I did… Also threatened to evict me if I didn’t leave the house during showings towards the end of my lease. I even had to consult a lawyer to see what was enforceable.

So, if renting is ruled out, what is the best way to buy a home two states away when the market is as hot as it is and homes are under contract within 3 days? Do I buy a home sight unseen? Do I stay at a hotel for an extended period and hope a winner gets listed while I’m in town? What would you do? Thanks for your time!

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