Help with value of home!

Ok so heres the story lol. My husband and i rented our home from his mother since 2018 and last year she sold it to someone else that said he was going to help us buy the place. We would rent from them until my husbands credit was up enough that we could buy it from them. Ok sounds awesome right? So this house is small at 1100 ish sq ft and it needs about 33k in repairs. So when we agreed with the new owners to go through with this deal they said they would want 55 to 60k for the house. We are ready to buy it and now they want 90k for it and it has done nothing but get worse. They have put 0$ into the house as in repairs or anything. And some of the shingles have come off over the past year and our floor is sagging pretty bad. The linoleum is just awful and will need replaced. Electric needs to be replaced and they came to look at our gas lines and cut a big hole in our deck and never fixed it. We can’t really afford much else around us. And houses dont pop up offen in th e town we live in and we would like fo stay here…but 90k for a house that with the repairs would be worth about 120k….maybe on a good day. I just want someone to tell me if im being crazy by thinking we should just try to figure out something else or ask if they will go lower. Like what would this house be appraised for if they took all repairs into consideration. And its a lot of expensive repairs. Thanks. Sorry for the long story but it feels necessary lol

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