Game Changing Features Make RealLaunch the Best Source of CRE Leads

If you’re a broker or investor witnessing Commercial Real Estate (CRE)’s rapid shift to online marketing, you probably feel a bit mind boggled. We’ll assure you, you’re not the only one. In fact, droves of people like you are seeking help from the experts to adapt your business and take your deals to the next level.

The digitally-focused team at RealLaunch will do just that.

The company is comprised web designers, content writers, marketing professionals and other tech experts that specialize in web development and digital marketing for the real estate industry. With more than 15 years in the business and 1,000 lead-generating websites under their belt, they have a proven record of keeping their clients ahead of the curve.

Unlike the gobs of digital marketing offers you find online today, RealLaunch was created solely for CRE brokers and specializes in generating high quality leads for you in your market. At RealLaunch, clients aren’t limited to long term contracts and the service is only offered to brokers operating in markets with a population over 75,000 people.

On average, RealLaunch generates 22 leads for their clients per year — and we’re not just talking any leads. The team at RealLaunch is committed to finding good leads for their clients in lieu of leads that aren’t serious about making a deal. RealLaunch is also committed to boosting their client’s online rankings and exposure. On average, clients get 189 new website visits each month by people in their city with 16 percent rate of repeat visitors.

RealLaunch has developed tools to directly reach investors who use the internet and other specialized tools for their CRE information needs. With years of experience in the industry, the company has developed an extensive library with more than 500 keywords and phrases that are unique to CRE and are organized and tagged for hyper-targeting.

RealLaunch serves investors who do their research online by producing client-specific content that examines market trends, property types, cap rates and other data. Some content delves into local listings, individual brokers, specialization and certifications and client reviews as well. The team at RealLaunch has also developed calculators to track Internal Rates of Return, Cap Rates, NOI and more.

RealLaunch provides an extensive array of services that not only help to generate quality leads, but also attract returning clients and referrals for years to come.

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