Company is playing the ‘its not my job’ for VOE and we’re a couple days away from closing

So we got our offer accepted on a house three weeks ago, everything is in order, all documents are looking great, everything is signed and ready to go except for my employee verification. So we told the lender (a Freddie Mac shop) feel free to ask for whatever they needed, gave them employer’s contact etc. On october 4th, they sent an email to the office asking for verification of my employment. No answer. So I followed up and asked a few days later. The admin staff said the manager has to do it. So ok, we’ll wait for manager. Nothing happens. Contact manger next, he says he’s not authorized to do it. Ok. So we contact HR (out of state) and they take a few days to get back to us and say they don’t have to do it, the manager can do it. I forwarded all emails back to manager and admin staff. Then admin staff said manager doesn’t think he can do it despite having an email from HR authorising manager to do this. This has gone on since the fourth and I still haven’t gotten my VOE. We’re two days away from closing and this is the last document needed to close. Has anyone else been in this position? The lender is aware of the situation and they have also sent multiple emails to the company and calls which go unanswered. They’re just as frustrated as we are. Anyone has any advice on what to do? And what happens if closing comes and we still don’t have VOE?

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