Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, Nov.1

In Wednesday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at why Kushner says teardown of fifth avenue tower unlikely, how banks remain stingy with construction dollars, why borrowers of small loans are a big deal and much more.

Kushner Partner Says Teardown of Fifth Avenue Tower Unlikely

After financing for the latest approach leaked in March, experts deemed it prohibitively expensive.

Banks Remain Stingy With Construction Dollars

Over the past two years, banks wary of taking on construction risk have lowered leverage, increased rates and applied more conservative underwriting.

Why Borrowers of Small Loans are a BIG Deal

How multifamily financing is evolving to meet the needs of the non-institutional investor.

Preview of the First Mass Timber High-Rise in the United States

Images from the Framework building, the first high-rise building in the U.S. constructed out of mass timber materials.


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