Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, Mar. 8

Commercial Real Estate News

Good morning, investors! In today’s real estate news, retailers don’t always win when their competitors lose, how autonomous cars will impact commercial real estate, and tertiary markets find themselves in a lending bind.

Retail Bankruptcies Don’t Always Help Surviving Rivals

With Dick’s Sporting Goods opening 60 new stores this year, and its competitors’ closing theirs, many investors assumed the company would see impressive sales spikes. Instead, Dick’s offered shareholders lukewarm predictions for their quarterly sales. When retail giants shutter their stores, their rivals just get more of a shrinking pie.

Commercial Real Estate Is Bound For an Inevitable Crash

A bit sensationalist in its headline, but an interesting thought experiment. What affect with autonomous cars have on commercial real estate? Perhaps a catastrophic one as many buildings we’ve grown accustomed too – dealerships, auto-body, parking lots – are rendered obsolete.

Tertiary Markets See Ebb and Flow of Debt Capital

 Tertiary, or service, markets are asking for more money, but lenders must be selective. The real estate market is likely late in its cycle, making any tertiary deal especially risky. Developers in that market must approach several different financial institutions and select the best deal for them.

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