Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, April 4

Commercial Real Estate News

Good morning, investors. In today’s commercial real estate news—US debt is back to 2008 levels, a skeptical walkthrough of a new Amazon bookstore, and an examination of just how much damage a Sears bankruptcy would do.

U.S. Households Will Soon Have as Much Debt as They Had in 2008

In 2017, American debt will reach heights last seen in 2008. The sources have changed though. Before the recession, it was largely housing loans that that controlled the vast majority of debt. Now auto and student loans are eating a bigger piece of the pie.

Amazon Takes a Page from Bricks-and-Mortar Bookstores

The giant has touched down. Amazon is entering the physical world through a handful of brick-and-mortar shops across the US. According to this reviewer, they lack the human soul of the neighborhood bookstore.

How Much Damage Would a Sears Bankruptcy Cause?

While Amazon expands into new markets, Sears appears to shrink into oblivion. Barring a spectacular holiday season, Sears will likely go bankrupt. The result, according to experts, could be a disaster for malls and their smaller tenant stores across the US.

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