Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Feb. 23

Commercial Real Estate News

Good morning, investors! In today’s commercial real estate news, Anna Mcquillan-Rose was named president of the Silicon Valley branch of CREW, the CREF Conference rolls out more ideas on the state of the industry, and an extensive interview on finance and CRE in the Trump era.

Commercial Real Estate Women of Silicon Valley Names New President, MVP

Anna Mcquillan-Rose was recently named the president of theSilicon Valley branch of Commercial Real Estate Women. Mcquillan-Rose, who has been in the industry for 17 years, will also be honored as the chapter’s Most Valuable Player. Now that she’s president, one of her first goals will be to build a stronger networking infrastructure, Mcquillan-Rose said.

Nine Takeaways from Day Two of the MBA CREF Conference

The MBA CREF/Multifamily Housing Convention & Expo conference is underway this week. Topics of the second day included, skepticism of Trump’s promise to rollback Dodd-Frank, worry that mass deportation will affect labor shortages, and a report on consumers preferring small, local businesses.

What Financial Reform Under Trump Might Mean for CRE

An interview with CRE Finance Council Executive Director Lisa A. Pendergast on what direction the Trump administration may take with financial regulations and how it will affect commercial real estate.


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