Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Aug. 3

Good afternoon investors! In today’s commercial real estate news – we’ll discover why high-net-worth investors are seeking increased real estate allocations, whether real estate M&As are safe in a volatile economic environment, and look at how the commercial real estate CRM Apto introduces relationship based sales tools.

Why High-Net-Worth Investors Seek Increased Real Estate Allocations

Real estate investing today vs. in past cycles is buoyed by a predictable debt and equity market and transparency…

A survey done by MergerMarket found that 52 percent of investors believe the high rate of real estate M&A activity will continue or increase in the coming 12 months.

The universal experience in high-rise buildings, no matter what floor is your destination, starts in the lobby—waiting for the elevator. Surrounded by strangers, even a small wait can feel lengthy. Most people’s unconscious reaction is to avoid eye contact. Instead, they look up…

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