Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, Aug. 11

Good afternoon investors! In today’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at the attractiveness of data center development, how healthy job growth will support the office sector, 10 must reads for the CRE industry today, and much more.

How Attractive Is Data Center Development?

Today, the construction pipelines for publicly-traded REITs specializing in multi-tenant data centers are quite large, thanks in large part to cloud computing.


Barring an unforeseen crisis, economic growth combined with limited new construction, will support an upward trajectory for the office sector.

Invitation Homes and Waypoint Homes plan to combine to form a single-family rental giant, reports the Wall Street Journal.

On the acquisitions side, an asset manager brings a wealth of knowledge and a critical perspective to the team.

We have enough computing power sitting in our pocket to guide 120,000,000 Apollo spacecrafts to the moon at the same time…

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