Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, April 4

In Wednesday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at the 5 workplace trends that are changing the commercial real estate industry, the 3 keys to successful passive investing, the state of bonds in Illinois, and so much more.


5 Workplace Trends Breathing Down The Neck Of The Commercial Real Estate Industry

Despite the growth of open floor plans and creative workspaces, the U.S. office environment has been curiously resistant to change in recent decades.

Three Keys To Successful Passive Investing In Commercial Real Estate

The private investment landscape is experiencing tremendous growth and investor demand for direct access to passive commercial real estate (CRE) investments is exploding.

It’s So Bad in Illinois Its Bonds Pay Like a Reviled Jersey Mall

Bondholders are asking to get paid nearly as much to own Illinois’s debt as they are demanding in return for holding the long-delayed mall’s unrated revenue bonds.


Colliers First Capital Divide Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors Offices in Seven States

A privately held New York-based real estate finance firm has acquired 12 offices of Coldwell Banker Commercial’s largest affiliate to establish a new CRE brokerage firm with more than 150 brokers in offices across six states. 

10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today (April 4, 2018)

Catch up on the 10 must reads in CRE today!


The High Cost of Low-Fee Real Estate

Private investment fees don’t have the same regulatory scrutiny as public investments, and there is no standardization behind how fees need to be shown.



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