Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, November 10

Four commercial real estate articles for investors to read this morning.

A Young Mexican REIT Market Evolves

Despite a number of hiccups, the fledgling Mexican real-estate investment trusts are getting some traction—although the election of Donald Trump may damage the growth. The industry has done a strong job of responding to lack of transparency and poor management.

Cushman & Wakefield Acquires Irving-Based Firm to Boost Data Centers, Telecom Capabilities

Cushman & Wakefield bought EnSite Solutions to help bolster their data center, telecom and healthcare capabilities. The business is a leading provider in maintenance for heating, air conditioning and fire protection equipment.

How Will Trump’s Presidency Impact the Commercial Real Estate Industry?

A list of predictions on the outcome of Trump’s presidency, includes a likelier recession, short-term volatility in CMBS markets, and a possible flood of foreign investments before January.

Macy’s to Sell Union Square Men’s Store for $250 Million

Macy’s will part with its San Francisco Union Square store as part of its program to shutter stores. “This is a move by Macy’s to monetize one of their most valuable assets,” said retail broker Julie Taylor.

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