Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday July 19

In Thursday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you an outlook at the grocery sector in the age of Amazon, CRE’s wonder women, the tax benefits crowdfunding will acquire, and so much more!

What’s the Outlook for the Grocery Sector in the Age of Amazon?

Nearly one year after Amazon’s acquisition of organic grocer Whole Foods, the grocery-anchored shopping center sector, typically viewed as more “Internet-proof” than other segments of retail, has taken greater strides to boost its omni-channel offerings.

NYC’s Retail Rents Keep Sliding With Fifth Avenue Taking a Beating

Tenants have the upper hand in New York as landlords contend with a record number of empty storefronts.

CRE’s Wonder Women

Earlier this year Wells Fargo & Co. analysts Jeffrey Donnelly and Dori Kesten took a look at the the gender makeup of boards of 165 US REITs from 2006 to 2017 and found that the REITs that had a greater-than-average number of female directors outperformed REITs with all-male boards by 2.33 percentage points over five years.

Crowdfunding Meets Tax Benefits as Fundrise Seeks $500 Million

The company plans to open investment in the Fundrise Opportunity Fund next week, aiming to raise $500 million by the end of 2019, according to co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Ben Miller.


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