Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Dec. 8

Commercial real estate news

Good morning! Enjoy these three articles on commercial real estate in Canada, insights from the ICSC and an essay on the state of the retail market.

Commercial Real Estate Sales Continue at Record Pace with No Slowdown in Sight

Commercial real estate in Canada is on pace to beat a record set during the boom of 2007. Real estate firm CBRE forecasts that 2016 commercial real estate sales will approach $35 billion, nearly $3 billion more than in 2007.

Five Takeaways from ICSC New York National Deal Making Conference, Day Two

More commercial real estate notes from the floor of the ICSC New York National Deal Making Conference. Insights include the profitability of subdividing mall space, the different types of US consumers and the popularity virtual downsizing.

Is Retail’s Middle Earth Flat?

An essay on the current woes of commercial retail real estate. The author is receiving less money on nearly all his properties than he was a decade ago. While many are quick to point the finger toward the internet, he blames greed.

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