Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday June 12

In Tuesday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at Aetna Inks’ Office deal, the Seattle leaders that are poised to scrap head tax, how the cloud technology will help run the CRE industry, and so much more. Read More

6 Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch Out For

The commercial real estate industry is constantly changing and before you know it the knowledge you have of the market can be completely outdated and unhelpful when it comes to making educated business decisions. To help keep you up-to-date with the latest trends in commercial real estate we’ve looked to our friends at for their insight on the current trends in this ever changing industry. Read More

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday June 7

In Thursday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at the the most powerful brokerage firms of 2018, technology’s impact on the future of CRE, the 6 top CRE trends, and so much more. Read More

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday May 24

In Thursday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at the NYC startup that’s shinning light on CRE, the Fannie-Freddie plan that has died out, and so much more. Read More

CRE Podcasts you Should be Listening to

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly on the road on to the next location, whether you’re showing a new property to a client or meeting up with potential clients, a good chunk of your day requires hours of driving.

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The BEST CRE Blogs You Should Be Reading

When it comes to keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest in commercial real estate, there are a number of great and informative resources out there on the internet. But let’s face it, there’s just so much out there, it makes it hard to find content that’s not only reliable but also, new, interesting and informative all at the same time. Read More

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday May 15

In Tuesday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at the commercial real estate investment trust that bought Toronto trophy asset, whether REITs are oversold, how GreenOak raises $1.55 billion for real estate deals in the US, and so much more. Read More

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday May 8

In Wednesday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at the state of commercial property companies that need to prepare for the EU’s data privacy overhaul, the U.S. banks that loosened commercial real estate lending, the 5 ways technology is shaping CRE property management, and so much more. Read More

Commercial Real Estate News for Monday May 7

In Monday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at how cloud-based software is transforming CRE, how the fast food delivery trend is resulting in smaller restaurant space, the 10 CRE must reads, and so much more. Read More

A New 3D Experience for CRE

Our world is completely in awe over new and interactive technologies. Making it even easier than before to find innovative and interesting ways to incorporate them into everyday life. What was once a unfathomable experience, 3D has just begun to revolutionized the real estate world. Read More

Commercial Real Estate News for Monday April 16

In Monday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at Toronto’s Agellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust, Softbank’s Futuristic Vision, the rising values of industrial, and so much more. Read More

3D-Printed Buildings, the Future of CRE?

The world of CRE is one that is always evolving and that means we all need to be paying closer attention. Especially to the new up and coming techniques, tools, and trends that make their way into this world. One of which is 3D-printing, what was once a cool and fun trend for duplicating small objects, figurines, and toy like creations, has evolved into much more.

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Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, April 3

In Tuesday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at the 2 stocks that you should keep an eye on, the 15 current booming real estate markets, the latest trends in tech and design, and so much more. Read More

Trends That Are Disrupting Multi-Family

Multifamily housing will never be the same and that’s not a bad thing. Trends come and go but developers and investors should be aware of them in order to continue to attract tenants, especially this younger generation of renters who desire more from their living situation. Read More

Multifamily Green Financing: Do You Qualify?

Fannie Mae’s Multifamily Green Financing is allowing developers and investors the opportunity to “enhance the financial performance, environmental sustainability, and quality of the country’s multifamily housing stock.” The latest trend in environmentally friendly and conscious living amongst a younger generation of consumers has brought forth the same trend in the commercial real estate world and financial institutions like Fannie Mae are acknowledging the trend and its benefits.

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Self Cleaning CRE Properties

Spanish company Neolith has done the imaginable, the hard-surface company has entered the air-purifying building materials market. Launching a collection of building materials made from 100% raw materials, including: granite minerals, silica, and natural oxides. Proving that commercial real estate developers have green and eco-friendly material options when it comes to making efforts to implement greener and environmentally cautious materials into their developments.

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Building to Appeal to Millennial Shoppers

“All Businesses need to be young forever…”


Amazon’s own CEO, Jeff Bezos said it himself, in order to appeal to the younger generation of shoppers and cliental, businesses have to stay forever young, and frankly he’s not wrong.

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Our Favorite Brokers on Youtube 📺

Youtube is home to millions if not billions of videos on a number of topics, making it easy for anyone to access a world of how-to entertainment at the click of a button. Youtube is just one resource among many for commercial brokers and investors to use when trying to learn the basics and even the most complex aspects of CRE.

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Valutate: “A Pro-Forma in Your Pocket”

What many new commercial brokers don’t know about commercial real estate is that there is actually a great deal of number crunching involved with a commercial real estate transaction. If math isn’t your strongest suit, then you might be hesitant to try to do any or all calculations yourself. Read More

The Free CREE Tool You Should Be Using: Compstak Exchange

At times finding reliable and accurate comps are hard to come by, but companies like Compstak Exchange are making it easier than ever for commercial real estate professionals to have the ability to find and exchange comps at the click of a button.

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Multi-Family Amenities Evolving with Technology

There are a number of new and innovative technologies that are hitting the multi-family property market. These new and improved gadgets are changing the way multi-family residents live their everyday lives; not necessarily by creating brand new technologies but taking old systems and applying a completely new spin on them. Allowing multi-family properties and its residents the ability to adapt their living arrangements to this new and evolving world that is technology.

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The Importance of Web Presence

If you assumed one website would solve your “marketing” as a commercial broker… think again. Your web presence includes website, social media, email newsletters, blogs, micro-sites, and a dozen other elements. When someone searches for “commercial broker” or “local broker” or “how to buy a commercial property”, you want your name to show up. Your web presence extends everywhere. And micro-sites or landing pages are the easiest way to help build this.

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Commercial Real Estate Technology Helping CRE Investors

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are an effective way for commercial real estate investors to monitor their speed, accuracy, and adaptability when it comes to navigating through day-to-day tasks. Many CRE investors monitor the KPIs of their business by implementing different CRE technologies. These three metrics; speed, accuracy, and adaptability will ultimately help investors succeed in helping their own organizations make better and faster investment decisions.

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Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, March 1

In Thursday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at the 3 ways tech is helping real estate investors meet their KPIs, the state of the Sydney market, Net Lease trends, and so much more. Read More

Technology Saves the Office Sector

Investing in office buildings tenants

The new year brought with it the lowest level of unemployment seen in nearly 17 years. Over 200,000 new jobs were added to the market leaving unemployment at an unchanged rate of  4.1%, adding the largest gain in wages since the end of the Great Recession. Read More

KTGY’s Apartment of the Future 🔮 PT. 2

KTGY’s Apartment of the Future Continued – PT. 2:


KTGY’s working spaces become “create” spaces, inspired from the co-working trend that is popular among young professionals today. Co-working spaces from companies like WeWork, Cover, and NeueHouse not only create an engaging and unique working environment, but they also host a number of work related events like; book talks, lectures, workshops, and more. KTGY plans on creating a space that takes this co-working concept and incorporates a campus-style vibe that helps reinforces collaboration and engagement among its residents. Read More

KTGY’s Apartment of the Future 🔮 PT. 1

Enhancing the ways in which tenants experience everyday life; from eating, sleeping, working, and playing, KTGY Architecture + Planning Tysons has been able to revolutionize apartment living for future tenants. Designing “The Apartment of the Future,” KTGY has been able to tap into the basic human needs of residents and create a living and working space that is more than just functional or expected.

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The Technology That is Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is no longer about a simple and functional building. Tenants demand more in terms of aesthetic, functionality and recently, technology. Tenants want a work and living environment that embraces the forms of technology that create unique and inspiring experiences each time they encounter them.

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How Data is Changing the Way We Design

We are constantly surrounded by information and data, but not many of us, especially in the commercial real estate industry know how to make use of all the data out there. Especially because there is a ton of data that we’re failing to collect right within our own properties. Read More

Technology in The Multi-Family Sector

It’s no news that technology is completely changing the way live our lives on a day to day basis, but what not many have come to realize is how technology has come to completely change the way we live and function in our own homes. Read More

How Gaming Technology is Changing the CRE Industry

If you haven’t had your try at VR or AR also known as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, then stop what you’re doing right now and give it a go! Read More