Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Dec. 13

Commercial real estate news

The week is just beginning, but already there’s lots of commercial real estate news to catch up on. Check out these four articles on Miami investments, CommLoan, the state of CRE and a call to brokers to work toward more affordable housing. As Miami’s Condo Market Plummets, Commercial Real Estate Soars The tables are turning … Read more

The Donald’s Effect on Commercial Real Estate

Donald Trump White House Commercial Real Estate

Donald Trump is the President-Elect. Depending upon your views, this could be a great thing, or a very discouraging thing. Regardless of how you feel about The Donald, his rhetoric on the campaign trail combined with some historical trends can give insights into what may be happening during his presidency with regards to Commercial Real … Read more

5 Traits of a Successful Commercial Real Estate Developer

Developers planning commercial real estate

Ask people what a commercial real estate developer does and you’re likely to get a different answer from all of them. The fact is, being a real estate developer is a complex blend of architecture, finance, managing, engineering, hand-shaking and more. There’s no straight shot to becoming a real estate developer, but we’ll highlight some … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, Dec. 9

Commercial real estate news

Happy Friday! We hope you enjoy your weekend, but before you go, take a look at these three articles on commercial real estate, The Growing Impact of Wireless Accessibility on Property Values Less bars, means less deals. Poor wireless connectivity is a growing reason behind some commercial property’s high tenant turnover rate. This article lays … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Dec. 8

Commercial real estate news

Good morning! Enjoy these three articles on commercial real estate in Canada, insights from the ICSC and an essay on the state of the retail market. Commercial Real Estate Sales Continue at Record Pace with No Slowdown in Sight Commercial real estate in Canada is on pace to beat a record set during the boom … Read more

What is Internal Rate of Return (IRR)?

In commercial real estate, it’s smart to think ahead and keep a close eye on the numbers. As a commercial broker with more than two decades in the ring, I’ve continued to rely on a variety of metrics, including Internal Rate of Return, or IRR, to ensure my investments are sound. IRR stands strong in … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, Dec. 7

Commercial real estate news

Three articles on commercial real estate to help jump start your morning. Foreign Buyers Moving Away From Miami’s Condo Scene for Commercial Real Estate An interview with Alex Zylberglait, senior vice president of investments with Marcus & Millichap in Miami. Most of the article revolves around recent and long-term trends in foreign commercial real estate investments. … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Dec. 6

Commercial real estate news

Good morning! We compiled three commercial real estate articles for you today. They cover the ICS Conference in New York, the announcement of Amazon Go and a forecast on the effects of Trump’s presidency on real estate. Nine Takeaways from ICSC New York Conference, Day One Interviews with professionals at the ICSC Conference lead to … Read more

How to Identify Hot Commercial Real Estate Markets

city street

One way to identify a potential investment location which is on the precipice of rapid value increase is to understand where gentrification has recently started. Gentrification is “a process of renovation and revival of deteriorated urban neighborhoods by means of influx of more affluent residents” and can be an excellent signal for investment opportunities. One … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, Dec. 5

Commercial real estate news

Lots of news waiting for you after the weekend! Check out these five articles on commercial real estate. Commercial Property Firm JLL Expanding D-FW Operations with Purchase JLL is advancing its operations in North Texas after purchasing Integra Realty Resources. “IRR – Dallas brings a strong track record in capital markets valuations, eminent domain, and the seniors … Read more

The Risks of Real Estate Crowdfunding and How to Protect Your Investments

This week, I’ve spent time covering popular real estate crowdfunding websites and the history behind their current popularity. While there is a lot to be excited about when it comes to crowdfunding, it’s important to remember investing is never completely risk free. I’ll cover some of the bigger concerns here and what you can do … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, December 2

Commercial real estate news

Before you check out for Friday, check out these three articles on commercial real estate. City’s Hospitals Spend Billions Amid Construction Surge Hospitals in New York City are expected to spend $8 billion on renovations between now and 2018. The construction is expected to add around 2 million square feet of hospital space. Home-Flipping Startup … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, December 1

Commercial real estate news

Good afternoon! Below you’ll find three articles detailing technology in the commercial real estate world and the state of retail. Two Commercial Real Estate Tech Firms Merge in $300M Deal VTS and Hightower, commercial real estate tech firms which offer cloud-based leasing software for landlords, are pondering a merger. The companies employ 275 people and … Read more

The JOBS Act and Crowdfunded Real Estate

crowdfunded real estate

On Monday, I shared some of the best crowdfunding real estate sites available for you to invest with. Today, I’ll spend some time explaining the history of crowdfunded real estate. In 2012, the US Congress passed the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) act, which legalized equity crowdfunding—the sale of corporate equity stakes through online platforms—for … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, November 30

Taxes and the government are running the commercial real estate news today. Discover how with these four articles. Property Tax Relief Bill Filed to Limit Annual Increases; Cities Decry Move that Would Cut Revenue Senate Bill 2, filed by Texas senator Paul Bettencourt, would require city and county voter approval before a property tax increase … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, November 29

Good afternoon. Enjoy these two articles detailing commercial real estate happenings today. IKEA to Buy 31 Acres for SA-area Location IKEA plans to buy land in San Antonio as part of it’s vision to “fill in the middle of the country with a little bit of Sweden.” A spokesman for the company said the company had been … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, November 28

Commercial real estate news

Here are five articles on commercial real estate to catch you up on what you missed over Thanksgiving weekend. KC Group Looks to Extend Main Street Improvements MainCor and Confluence are looking for investors to put $2 million into renovating Kansas City’s Main St. Discussed improvements include streetcar expansion, better lighting and more bike racks. Top … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, November 23

Commercial real estate news

Five articles for you highlighting big topics in the commercial real estate market today. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Rising Rates Threaten Global Property Investments Very low rates have made commercial real estate boom around the world over the last few years. This may be changing as investors dump their government bonds in Europe, Asia and the … Read more

Hiring a Commercial Property Manager

hiring a commercial property manager

This week, I’ve covered the responsibilities of a property manager and the skills they should possess. As I mentioned when we began, there are two paths to take with property management. With the first, you take charge yourself and adopt the responsibility of overseeing your buildings. The other route is to pay a property management company … Read more

Skills of a Commercial Property Manager

Skills of a Commercial Property Manager

Yesterday, I covered the responsibilities you take on when you adopt the role of property manager. Today I’ll cover some of the skills of a commercial property manager. These are the talents they should have and the behaviors they should exhibit. Before you decide to do the job yourself, make an honest evaluation and see if these … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, November 22

Three articles on commercial real estate to help you succeed today. CRE Industry Weighs Impact of CA Supreme Court Decision In ‘Dual Agency’ Case A case with a potentially huge impact on commercial real estate has been given a verdict in the California Supreme Court. A breakdown can be found in the article, but the … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, November 21

Good morning! This Monday should be a little easier to get through thanks to the short Thanksgiving week. Enjoy these 5 articles on the state of the commercial real estate market. KKR Capitalizes Private Non-Traded REIT with $838 Million Private equity firm KKR is moving $838 million into its KKR Real Estate Finance Trust Inc., a non-traded … Read more

Responsibilities of a Commercial Property Manager

Responsibilities of a Commercial Property Manager

The ink is fresh on the contract, and you’re now the proud owner of a piece of commercial real estate…but now what? Property management! Over the next few days, I’ll cover the important the responsibilities of a commercial property manager, the skill set it require, and what to look for when hiring a third party. … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, November 18

Find out what’s happening in commercial real estate today with these 4 articles. Britain’s Nationwide to Close Commercial Real Estate Lending Business The Brexit has claimed another victim in the form of  Britain’s Nationwide Building Society’s Commercial Real Estate business. The CRE business accounted for about 1% of its assets. “Since the EU referendum expectations for … Read more

So You Want to Invest in Small Commercial Real Estate: Tips on Vetting a Property Management Company

interviewing property manager

Defining real estate markets is a bit of a fuzzy game. In many cases, they are defined as primary, secondary, and tertiary with regards to volume of sales, population, and transaction volume amount. In general terms, Primary markets have over 5 million people, secondary markets have 2 – 5 million people, and a tertiary market … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, November 17

Charge into your afternoon with these 4 articles on commercial real estate and investments. 34 of the Country’s Top Commercial Real Estate Sales of 2016 A round-up of some of the nation’s largest commercial real estate deals in 2016. The list includes Seattle’s Safeco Plaza ($387 million), Denver’s Breakers Resort ($350 million) and Westwood’s University … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, November 16

Is Regency Making a Smart Choice with Equity One Buy? Regency Centers Group has agreed to acquire Equity One Inc. for $4.6 billion. The deal will transform Regency into the largest REIT in the shopping center market, but some analysts are skeptical the buy will payoff in the long run. Modular Building Believed to Be World’s Tallest … Read more

Key Components to Include in a Letter of Intent

Before putting pen to paper on a fresh new lease, it’s often recommended to draft up a Letter of Intent. An LOI, as it’s called in the industry, helps prospective tenants edge forward to signing a lease that’s inclusive of their plans for the property in years to come. These documents vary from deal-to-deal and … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, November 15

Good morning! Enjoy these 4 articles highlighting big news in the world of commercial real estate. New IRS Regulations Will Adversely Impact Common REIT Transactions The IRS is shaking up “bottom dollar” guarantees with new, temporary regulations. The rules come into full effect on January 3, 2017. Bulk of Large US Investment Sales Were in States … Read more

Getting Involved with Retail Investing

Retail property is one of the most sought after investments around today. Out of the four asset classes on the market, investors are paying large sums for small, multi-tenant and single-tenant retail properties in locations across the globe. With such hot demand, it’s hard to get your foot in the door. That’s why I’ve put … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, November 11

Good afternoon! Here are 4 articles on commercial real estate to take with you into the weekend. 30 of the Country’s Top New Hotel Projects of 2016 A slideshow collection of 2016’s most sparkling new hotel projects. Stock Markets are Predicting Disaster in London Property Prices Post-Brexit Financial markets predict a 15% collapse in the … Read more

Looking for the Latest Industry News? I’m Here to Help.

We all know that weathering fast market conditions requires stamina, experience and, most importantly, knowledge. As an investor, it’s crucial to stay informed, but it’s not always easy to find the best place to look. (Besides MyNOI’s own news aggregating page.) Lucky for you, I’ve already sifted through the multitude of options online and have compiled … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, November 10

Four commercial real estate articles for investors to read this morning. A Young Mexican REIT Market Evolves Despite a number of hiccups, the fledgling Mexican real-estate investment trusts are getting some traction—although the election of Donald Trump may damage the growth. The industry has done a strong job of responding to lack of transparency and … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, November 9

Three commercial real estate articles for your day covering Aeropostale, America and Amazon. Aeropostale Adds Another 104 stores to ‘Remaining Open’ List; One in Triangle to Close Teen clothing retailer Aeropostale looks to be in better shape than imagined. After announcing their bankruptcy several months ago, they have adjusted their expectations for the number of … Read more

5 Reasons to Invest in MultiFamily Units

invest in multifamily units

It’s a good time to invest in multifamily units for many reasons. Approximately 35% of the U.S. population rents, and the demand for rental housing is strong. On top of the market appeal, the convenience of multiple units situated in one location cannot be overstated. Below, I’ll cover some of the reasons you should consider investing … Read more

Looking for a Commercial Real Estate Education? We Know Where to Look.

graduation Commercial Real Estate Education

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or adept in the industry — if you’re interested in advancing your career consider increasing your commercial real estate education. These days, aspiring brokers and investors are looking to the ample amount of educational opportunities available online in order to better serve their clients and improve their ability … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, November 4

Happy Friday! Enjoy these five articles on the state of the commercial real estate market. What are the Advantages and Drawbacks of Real Estate Interval Funds? Interval funds are becoming a more popular choice among real estate investors. Interval funds usually offer higher returns…at the expense of daily liquidity. Marian Center in St. Francis to be … Read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Property Management Software

Central to the business of brokerage, leasing and investing is property management. To maintain a smooth operation, it’s crucial to pick the right property management software. As an owner of a property management company, in addition to my brokerage and development business, I can tell you the dos and don’ts of property management software options … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, November 3

Spend some time this morning catching up on these five must-read articles for commercial real estate brokers and investors. Real Liquidity Launches Program to Solve $5 Trillion Private Commercial Real Estate Liquidity Problem Real Liquidity, a technology and commercial real estate firm, is attempting to solve real estate’s liquidity problem. The business wants to make it easier … Read more

Trends in Retail that Center Owners Will Want to Know

clothing rack Trends in retail

With the continued evolution of eCommerce putting a dent in the bottom line of brick and mortar retail stores, from AAA national brands to local mom and pop shops, it’s tougher than ever for owners of retail centers, malls, villages, and the like to know what to include in their tenant portfolio to maximize effectiveness … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, November 2

Good morning! We hope the weather is nicer where you are than where we are. Below you’ll find six articles on commercial real estate covering everything from specific city investment news to the impact of the presidential election on property types. Black Lion Scoops up North Palm Beach Mixed-Use Center for $14M Chesser Group, a … Read more

How Do Global Market Conditions Affect My Local Commercial Property Investments?

Global political and market conditions can and will have a major affect on Commercial Real Estate (CRE) in the United States. The US has long been considered one of, if not the most, stable and transparent property markets in the world, which means that global capital is naturally driven into domestic CRE. For example, in … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, October 31

Three articles to pay attention to on your Halloween afternoon. Condo developer takes over Seattle’s long-stalled $400M Civic Square project Bosa Development submitted a $22 million deal to take over development on Seattle’s Civic Square. The project has been in development for nine years and has suffered from a number of setbacks and slowdowns. HOK: Coworking … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, October 28

Enjoy these 4 articles on the big happenings in commercial real estate, then enjoy your weekend! NREI/Marcus & Millichap Investor Sentiment Finds Post-Peak Stability The results of the most recent NREI / Marcus & Millichap Investor Sentiment Survey show a balanced view on the market. After peaking at 187 in 2014, the survey has leveled out at … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, October 27

Start strong in the second-half of your Thursday with these three articles. Cushman & Wakefield shakes up US leadership Cushman and Wakefield, one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the world, has made a big swap in its upper-management. Global president Tod Lickerman will become Americas CEO, while Joe Stettinius will move to oversee … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, October 25

Get a global view on commercial real estate this afternoon with these three articles. Does Modular Construction Work? The article posits the question without ever answering it. Developer Full Stack Modular claims its buildings are cheaper to build thanks to ease of assembly, but the savings didn’t materialize in its most recent New York project, which suffered from … Read more