Being a Real Estate Agent and Having Social Media

I’m (F, 25) a newly licensed R.E. Agent and have had instagram for about a decade. I have a ton of pictures and about 500 followers. Its a private page. I want to announce that I’m a real estate agent when the time comes to make people aware that I’m a new agent to gain clientele (as most new realtors do). I’m just a little worried about my page. I really don’t want to take down my pictures that have accumulated for the past several years and is basically a timeline of my life. But at the same time, if an outsider were to see my page, they wouldn’t exactly associate me with professionalism. I’m not saying I’m a raunchy wild person that has any pictures of partying etc. (I don’t). But they would probably fit me more into the category of a late teenager and not a professional career woman is what I’m saying.

So, do I make a new page and simply add the people that I choose to, to make aware that I am now a new agent? And I’m guessing I should probably do this once I’ve sold several properties and not now (So people can at least see that I’ve been productive?). And maybe keep my current page but don’t announce on there that I’m an agent at all?

Any people have advice with being an agent and having a personal social media page? Thank you.

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