Appraiser said, “don’t lose any sleep, get ready for settlement” but still waiting on the report+the other comps aren’t close. Info below

Hi everyone! I found a multifamily triplex off market for about 450k. The appraiser said “don’t lose any sleep, get ready for settlement” when we asked if we should go about getting ready to continue. It’s been a week and the report hasn’t come through. Also it’s an fha loan.

Issues: the appraiser said he’s waiting on a comparable sales confirmation. So I assume it’s for the triplex that sold down the street for 400k. (I called the agent and asked) But the place I’m getting is double the SQFT, has a yard, corner property, much nicer. But! Why is the appraisal taking a while to come through. Why does he needs this sales comp confirmation if I got it by calling and asking? If the other unit sold for 400k, and there’s very few in the area to compare to, won’t that mean the appraisal will come in way under 450k?

I want it to appraise so bad. No appraisal gap to worry about would be amazing.


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